• NEM Initiative / New European Media Initiative is leading European Network for Media and Creative Industries

  • NEM Initiative mission is to foster the impact of interactive technologies on the future of new media

  • NEM Initiative task is interaction between Media, Content, Creative industries, Social Media, Broadcasting and Telecom sectors as well as Consumer electronics

  • NEM Initiative goal is to develop a common innovation environment for the new European media landscape

NEM Summit 2021

The 13th edition of the NEM Summit will be organized as virtual event on 23 and 24 November 2021, on both days afternoons between 13:00 – 17:30 CET. Please, reserve these dates to attend the event and take part in discussions on the latest development in European media, content, and creativity.

The NEM Summit is an international conference and exhibition, organized since 2008 by the NEM Initiative for all those interested in broad area of Media, Content, and Creativity. Over the years, the NEM Summit has grown to become an annual not-to-be-missed event, providing attendees with a key opportunity to meet and network with prominent stakeholders, access up-to-date information, discover latest technology and market trends, identify research and business opportunities, and find partners for upcoming EU-funded calls for projects.

To participate at the NEM Summit 2021, please, join through the following link: https://nemsummit2021.hiper.events/.


The NEM Summit 2021 will consist of the following sessions:

  • Introduction/opening, about NEM activities and keynotes from EC
  • Media distribution  – with participation of relevant ongoing European projects in the media arena
  • Discussion on Post Covid19 – challenges and solutions for cultural and creative industries in Europe
  • New Immersive Media Formats – presenting the recent related research results and challenges
  • Future of media – media for verticals discussion
  • Conclusion/closing







Registration is free of charge.

META-FORUM 2021: Using the European Language Grid

15-17 November 2021 (09:00 – 13:00 CET) – virtual event

META-FORUM is the international conference series on powerful and innovative Language Technologies for the multilingual information society. It is the place to be to learn about the most recent developments and achievements in European Language Technology, both from industry and research and also including language-centric AI.

Selected Highlights:

  • European Language Grid Release 2: Current state of play
  • European Language Equality project: First results
  • Presentation of the ELG Pilot Projects
  • Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence: Building Bridges in the EU
  • Current EU and national projects in the wider Language Technology area
  • Virtual expo featuring 30 projects in Gathertown
  • Reports from the European Language Technology industry


The NEM Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2020 has been approved by NEM members.

The NEM SRIA documents highlight European industry’s views on the research priorities that are required in the next few years so that our continent can truly become a worldwide champion in all domains related to “New European Media”, representing a basis for the reflections that are being investigated by all NEM European Technology Platform stakeholders. More about NEM SRIA documents in general can be found here.

This document contains a set of relevant research and innovation topics considered as key topics by the NEM community to be taken into account by the European Commission in the definition of the next Work Programme – Horizon Europe. These topics represent the interests of the community in terms of collaborative research for the period 2021-2027, based on the community targets towards year 2030 set in the recently issued NEM Vision 2030 (see below).

NEM Vision 2030

(April 2020)

Media and Creative and Cultural industries have always been a strong and independent sector of significant value in Europe, based on our cultural heritage and values, combining the power of the private initiative and governmental actions for the good of the people. Currently the media ecosystem has grown in the international context, characterized by global players, business activities and market scope on one side and convergence of technical standards one another side, where Europe needs to work towards a more robust media ecosystem, being able to compete with other world regions while ensuring independence of its own media and creative sector. Therefore, the underlying media distribution network architectures and platforms need to be in European control, and we need to take the regulatory measures, but also the necessary investments to implement it and make it happen.

The New European Media Initiative understands itself as an agent towards this challenge, assembling views of media and creative sectors in Europe in respect to the needed future research and innovation activities. In this document, the NEM Initiative presents a new vision for the European media and creative industries sectors for the next decade.


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