1st i3 Multi Stakeholder Forum

Brussels, February 16th 2017
iMinds-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

One of the aims i3 project (i3project.eu/) is to engage the stakeholder community of policy makers and entrepreneurs in a Policy Dialogue to address regulatory, normative and technical complex aspects.
Thus, we are organizing a Multi Stakeholder Forum for Policy Dialogue. With this activity i3 seeks to exchange information and build consensus recommendation between public and private sectors involving leaders who are in position to take decisions and influence the legislative and normative drafting. Furthermore, it aims to reach effective deliberation among the stakeholder involved aspiring to produce concrete outputs solving relevant issues in the domain to share with the European Commission.

This one day Forum explores challenges and opportunities in Convergence and Social Media sector bringing together different actors sharing thoughts and collecting information that will be used to derive guidelines that will be finally shared with the European Commission.

The event will be managed using interactive methodologies. The workshop will be organized following the co-design approach and structured participatory activities. On the other hand, the Multi Stakeholder Forum will be facilitated by i3 team in order to allow all the participants to have a free and open dialogue on the topics emerged during the day. The event will produce a report that will be shared with participants and then used to address following Forum. Finally, the material produces will be delivered to the policy makers in form of guidelines.

The event will take place in Brussels on February 16th and it will be hosted by iMec.

Please register at the following page:
Click on the “Get your ticket” button. All tickets are free of charge.

Event Agenda
9:00 am – Coffee and Registration
9:30 am – i3 introduction
10:00 am – Workshop on Convergence and Social Media
11:15 am – Networking Coffee Break
11:30 am – Multi-stakeholder Forum
1:00 pm – Wrap up and conclusions
1:30 pm – End of the session

iMinds-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 9 – 2nd floor
1050 Brussels, Belgium
See http://smit.vub.ac.be/contact

More information
Simona de Rosa (s.derosa([at])t-6.it) from i3 team

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