26th NEM General Assembly, Zagreb, 22 May 2019

26th NEM General Assembly

Zagreb, 22 May 2019

 VENUE:   Mimara Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

TIME:          22 May 2018, 09:00 – 13:00



Welcome, Morgan Bouchet (Orange, NEM Chairman)


Mr Jean- Morgan Bouchet welcomed participants of the 26th NEM General Assembly and presented an overview on recent activities of the NEM Initiative.

Mr Halid Hrasnica (Eurescom GmbH, NEM Secretariat) presented the meeting agenda, which was adopted.


Presentations from European Commission representatives on recent and future calls for project proposals in the scope of Horizon 2020

  • EC unit I.4: Media Convergence & Social Media, Peter Fries, Programme Officer Media & Social Media R&I, STARTS; EC Media Policy Directorate
  • EC unit G.2: Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture & Education – Adelina Dinu, Project Officer at EC

The representatives of the two EC units presented results from recently concluded call for projects and provided indications on topics and budgets allocated for the relevant call for projects until end of Horizon 2020 framework program. The final definition of these calls for projects will be published on 9 July 2019.


NEM positions and collaborations

  • 5G slice for media – joint NEM / NetWorld2020 white paper, Pierre-Yves Danet (Head of collaborative research – Europe, Orange Labs)
    • The position paper is a continuation of the joint NEM and NetWorld 2020 work on definition of requirements for future 5G networks from perspective of various media stakeholders. The presented paper is still open for further contributions from the NEM community.
  • Discussion on possible collaboration with Big Data association, moderator: Bart Janssens (VRT)
    • Scope and main working items of the Big Data Association have been presented as well as opportunities for NEM to establish collaboration with the Big Data association on subjects  of common interest. The NEM members welcomed this idea and encouraged the NEM Steering Board to take the corresponding actions.
  • European manifesto on supporting innovation for the cultural and creative sectors, Simone Lippold (Frankfurt Book Fair)
    • The manifesto and further related activities led by Frankfurt Book Fair have been presented

New NEM mission

  • Presentation of initial NEM mission document, by Mike Matton (VRT, NEM Vice-chair – Media industry engagement)
    • The initial mission document and principles adopted for its creation have been presented, as elaborated to date by a dedicated working group. The intention is to provide the final version of the mission document in September 2019 and proceed with establishment of a common NEM vision until end of the year. The principles for establishment of the NEM mission document have been endorsed by the General
  • Towards a New European Media Partnership, by Sergi Fernandez Langa (i2cat, NEM Vice-chair – Strategy)
    • The presentation was dedicated to establishment of a partnership between the European media industry and relevant public bodies, such as EC. Even creation of a typical PPP in the next EC frame program (Horizon Europe – FP9) seems to be difficult to achieve because of timing issues to propose it and longer time needed for the community to define and lobby efficiently for a such program, it is important to elaborate all possible opportunities to represent the media related topics in the coming framework program. The NEM Steering Board will continue the discussion on establishment of the needed partnerships.

NEM self-sustainability approach and service offering for NEM members

  • Presentation, by Simona D Rosa (T6 Ecosystems, NEM Vice-chair – Liason)
  • After presentation, the participants of the General Assembly had opportunity to discuss the subject within smaller groups created during the event, drawing the following main conclusions:

The question posed in the first group was:

Which are the services NEM should provide to its members? What do you expect as member of NEM and what you think is needed to increase NEM offer? Which are the services you are willing to receive or provide from/to NEM, if you had to pay a light membership fees?

It emerged that Nem Summit is a good opportunity for networking but what is needed is:

  • More events and networking initiatives are needed during the year
  • More engagement from the community in vision papers, SRIA and other documents
  • More engagement in thematic focus groups
  • Increasing synergies among membres Also, specific services should be developed:
  • Newsletter containg info about EC calls, events and partner activities
  • Database of Eu project on media to facilitate connections
  • Matchmaking
  • Partner search

Regarding cooperation, both national and international cooperation should be strengthened. At International level:

  • Promoting NEM presence in big events (IBC, NAB Show)
  • Creating NEM actions toward US, China, India and other markets At National level:
  • Defining National ambassadors to make a stronger link between European stakeholders on media and CCIs and national players making pressure on national delegates

Finally, NEM should work as an Innovation Hub, strengthening the collaboration about and SMEs and big players.

For SMEs:

  1. Facilitating access to corporate finance for SMEs
  2. Create opportunities for SMEs to test their solutions within the NEM network

For Big companies:

  1. Allowing big companies to understand what SMEs are developing having access to profiles and technologies

The second question was:

NEM is defining a sustainability strategy in order to be able to build up and provide services to its  members. Do you think would be feasible to apply a fee? Which kind of fee are you willing to pay? Do you agree to have different level of fee?

Closure of the General Assembly

 Mr Morgan Bouchet (Orange, NEM Chairman) thanked to all meeting participants for attending the event and closed the General Assembly.

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