Benefits for being a NEM Member

Join the NEM Initiative, the largest community around Media sector in Europe working on establishing a common innovation environment for the new European media landscape – membership is free of charge!

Get in direct contact with main stakeholders from Media, Content, Creative industries, Social Media, Broadcasting, Telecom, Immersive technologies, and Consumer electronics sectors in Europe

  • Opportunity for a SME, start-up, university, or research institute to get in touch with the most significant stakeholders in the European media sector
  • Opportunity for a recognized player to keep eye on new innovative ideas coming from small industries, SMEs, start-ups, researchers, entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity for researchers and academicians to interact and exchange knowledge with key innovative players from the industry

Enlarge your horizon within the entire NEM sector, to know what is happening, what is new, and what will be the future – the best way to do it is to join us, to discuss with our members, and to collaborate with our community!

NEM is the right place to explore participation in EU and other publicly funded research and innovation programs and actions

  • Get insides about the research and innovation programs directly from representatives of European Commission and national Public Authorities
  • Share your ideas with other NEM members to attract and meet your project partners and create successful project consortiums

Not to worry about any confidential data – everyone voluntarily share information as appropriate and possible; for closed discussion – the NEM provides secured workspace in its Collaboration Platform!

NEM increases visibility of its members

All NEM members can present themselves, if wished, in the public domain of the NEM website – to be established soon!

  • Present your ideas, products, and solutions to the wide audience without additional marketing costs
  • Discuss various opportunities with other members through the NEM Collaboration Platform in the secured environment

Be present and actively involved in NEM events (NEM Summit, NEM General Assemblies, and other events organized by NEM clusters and members) – the members come first!

Shaping the future of research and innovation in Europe in media sector


  • The NEM Initiative is taking an action to elaborate a vision “The Future of Social Media”; opportunities and challenges for European industry and society at large, needed research and innovation actions to achieve the Vision, as well as required activities in standardization, regulatory, and policy arenas.

Join activities on development of overall strategy of the media sector

  • NEM SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) – frequently used by European Commission and other Public Authorities to define research and innovation programs
  • NEM Working Groups

Join us in expressing position of NEM stakeholders on various technological, policy related, and societal issues

  • NEM Position Papers – summarizing community views on focused issues to influence relevant bodies at European level

Provide your expectations on technologies you wish to have, needed regulatory actions, and any other requirements to make your business successful

  • NEM will find a way to disseminate your needs to right addresses and stakeholders

Why to contribute? – To bring your topics of interest to attention of the broad community and include them in research and innovation programs of the European Commission and Member States!

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