Call for Papers “10th International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX 2018)”

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**** IEEE Communications and IEEE Signal Processing Societies ****
29-31 May, 2018, Sardinia, Italy
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Important Deadlines:     

  • Special session proposal: November 15, 2017
  • Full paper registration (title, abstract, and author list): January 15, 2018
  • Full paper submission: January 22, 2018
  • Short paper submission: March 19, 2018
  • QoE management workshop paper submission: March 5, 2018


Conference Topics

– Multimodal perception & quality: Modality relevance, underlying quality features and dimensions, multimodal integration, temporal aspects of QoE

– Immersive technologies: High-resolution audio and video (incl. UHD, 4/8k and beyond, HDR, HFR, WCG, etc.), 3D audio and video, 360° video, Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality, immersive games, Light Field Displays, plenoptic imaging

– Probing the user: Physiological assessment methods and applications, behavioral assessment, QoE and task performance, contextual information analysis, crowdsourcing, field-tests

– QoE fundamentals: Theory and definitions, test methods, statistical methods, experimental validity, qualitative research methods, sensory evaluation, taxonomies and ontologies

– QoE and UX: Relationship between QoE and UX, use of UX evaluation methods for QoE research, user behavior modelling

– Interactive media and synchronization: Audio- and videoconferencing, tele-meetings, interactive gaming, networked VR and AR

– QoE and content creation: Storytelling, artistic intent, reference contents, user-internal references

– Aesthetics: Image-/video- and audio-content analysis,  aesthetic appeal test methods, image and media platforms, contextual aspects (expertise in creation and perception, peer-group implications, …)

– Communities, social media and demographics: Social TV, joint media consumption, QoE in communities, geographic and demographic implications for media consumption and QoE

– Model development & validation: Feature selection, model development techniques (regression, machine learning, …), validation techniques

– QoE data analytics: Large QoE-related databases, data collection tools and techniques, machine learning, large-data analysis tools, implications for service and network management, visualization, statistical analyses

– KPI and KQI definition: new indicators to support optimization in emerging environments and applications; new reference network architectures

– Annotated multimedia databases for QoE research: Sources, data and media formats, QoE-related metadata, sharing platforms, automatic collection

– Shared data sets and platforms: Creation of new data sets, sharing of test tools, making available open platforms


QoE Management Workshop

The QoE Management Workshop will be part of the QoMEX2018 program and will be devoted to topics related to the management of services and applications to improve the user-perceived quality through the incorporation QoE awareness in networking technologies, protocols, and algorithms. Proper QoE models and QoE monitoring mechanisms are fundamental for realizing QoE in networking, but also for the performance evaluation of such systems.

This workshop is an effort to make to create stronger synergies between the networking and QoE communities that can meet in a single venue.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

– QoE-aware network and application management: QoE management in heterogeneous networks, energy efficient QoE management, adaptive QoE management, self-organization techniques for the management of multimedia services

– Network architectures and protocols supporting QoE: QoE-aware architecture with an emphasis on virtualization technologies, realization of QoE management with SDN, cooperative approaches towards QoE management, new paradigms supporting QoE e.g. 5G Networks, ICN, telco clouds, new transport and application protocols, e.g. HTTP/2, webRTC

– Application of QoE management to different business sectors and use cases: smart city, transport and automotive, energy-efficient communication, healthcare and AAL, intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0, immersive Media (3D, AR and VR), real-time, Web- and Cloud applications, business aspects of QoE management

– Experimental approaches for QoE management: experiments in commercial settings and controlled lab environments, experimental facilities for evaluation of algorithms and services in the context of QoE management, QoE monitoring and measurement, Big Data and analytics-driven QoE monitoring approaches, effects of Internet performance on QoE, QoE monitoring approaches in the wild


Submission Procedure

Prospective authors are invited to submit full or short papers (maximum of 6 or 2 pages, respectively) to the general track, workshop on QoE Management and special sessions. Submitted papers will undergo a double-blind review process.

All papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings.


Organizing Committee

General Chair: Luigi Atzori, IT, Sebastian Möller (co-chair), DE

Technical Program Chairs: Raimund Schatz, AT; Periklis Chatzimisios (co-chair), GR; Petros Daras (co-chair); GR, Lingfen Sun (co-chair), UK

Special Session Chairs: Maria Martini, UK; Maurizio Murroni, IT

QoE Management Workshop Chairs: Markus Fiedler, SE, Thomas Zinner, DE

Publications Chair: Marco Carli, IT

Publicity Chairs: Ivan Bajic, CA; Martin Varela, FI; Yonggang Wen, SG

Awards Chair: Aljoscha Smolic, IE

Local Chairs: Virginia Pilloni, IT; Arslan Ahmad (co-chair), IT

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