Several demonstrations will be made at the CrowdRec workshop.

WrapRec: An Easy Extension of Recommender System Libraries

WrapRec is an easy-to-use Recommender Systems toolkit, written in C#, which allows users to easily implement or wrap recommendation algorithms from other frameworks. WrapRec provides a rich data model which makes it easy to implement algorithms for different recommender system problems, such as context-aware and cross-domain recommendation.

SoundComment User Engagement for Music Metadata

SoundComment is an online gamified application where users can annotate timed comments for music on SoundCloud. Through SoundComment, users can listen to music tracks, annotate timed comments and earn points for their annotations. Users earn points depending on the agreement levels of their annotations with other users.

ContentWise – Integrated personalization solution for digital video

ContentWise is the personalized discovery and recommendations software for cable, satellite, broadband, IPTV and streaming video operators.

Idomaar, the CrowdRec Reference Framework

The reference framework is an implementation of algorithms that have been developed within CrowdRec and serves to allow the testing of these algorithms before they are deployed in the real-world social networks for large-scale user tests. The reference framework is also made available to the research community.

Gravity recommendation demo on Android

The demo presents recommendation technology implemented on a classified media site with real-time user feedback integration.

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