NEM Governance Model

Clear ambition of NEM Governance Model is to have a lightweight management structure for the NEM Initiative, which allows the effective operation of the Initiative and the majority of the effort to be devoted to the development and promotion of the NEM priorities and especially the NEM Strategic Research Agenda. The Governance Model has been adopted by NEM Steering Board and approved by NEM General Assembly.

Governance Model – Version 2.0  (December 2007) – includes changes approved at 3rd and 4th NEM General Assembly meetings; increased number of NEM Steering Board members (1) , synchronisation of terms for elections of Steering Board members and officers (2), structure of NEM Executive Group (3), and formal change of NEM support project (4).

First NEM Governance Model – (January 2006)

Other formal documents

NEM Position Papers – Approval Procedure

Identification of NEM Project – Procedure for Identification of NEM Projects (November 2008) – describes requirements for being a NEM Project, presenting a set of characteristics & milestones that should be included in every project or project proposal that wants to define itself as part of the NEM community.

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