NEM Vision

Nem VisionIntention of NEM Vision documents is to present the vision statement of the Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) Initiative, which includes the key challenges that the NEM sector will have to face in the long-term. The description of the NEM picture today and the vision from industry for the future is based on the input from stakeholders of the NEM field, including broadcasters, telecom operators, manufacturers of professional equipment, and manufacturers of consumer electronics, academia, and standardisation bodies. Current version of the vision document presents the long-term statement of the NEM Initiative and expected developments in the NEM area for the time-period 2010 – 2020.

NEM Vision document is created by the NEM Steering Board, which appoints a respective editorial group, in consultation with NEM members.

NEM Vision documents are issued regularly every one-two years.


Note that between 2014-2018 the NEM Vision documents have been published together with the NEM Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas (SRIA).


Previous versions of the Vision document

NEM Vision 2020 (Version 2009) (PDF, 283 kb)

NEM Vision (version 2008) (PDF, 282 kb)

NEM Vision (version 2007) (PDF, 753 kb)

NEM Vision (version 2006) (PDF, 536 kb)

NEM Vision 2030

(April 2020)

Media and Creative and Cultural industries have always been a strong and independent sector of significant value in Europe, based on our cultural heritage and values, combining the power of the private initiative and governmental actions for the good of the people. Currently the media ecosystem has grown in the international context, characterized by global players, business activities and market scope on one side and convergence of technical standards one another side, where Europe needs to work towards a more robust media ecosystem, being able to compete with other world regions while ensuring independence of its own media and creative sector. Therefore, the underlying media distribution network architectures and platforms need to be in European control, and we need to take the regulatory measures, but also the necessary investments to implement it and make it happen.

The New European Media Initiative understands itself as an agent towards this challenge, assembling views of media and creative sectors in Europe in respect to the needed future research and innovation activities. In this document, the NEM Initiative presents a new vision for the European media and creative industries sectors for the next decade.

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