Funded Artistic Residency to boost your innovation process and the dissemination of your technology

Are you an R&D ICT-Project coordinator or partner?

Apply and have the chance of hosting a funded Artistic Residency to boost your innovation process and the dissemination of your technology!

VERTIGO promotes the arts as impetus and catalysts for a creative conversion of science and technology knowledge into new products, services, and processes. To achieve this objective, VERTIGO is organising and funding artist residencies in R&D projects in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and related application areas. The artist will work in your ICT-Project and will contribute to the innovative aspects of the research undertaken within it by bringing a creative perspective through artistic practices. Those practices should naturally lead to an original artwork based on the project’s technology featuring novel use-cases with a high potential for innovation. VERTIGO will also act as a platform to showcase the produced works to the public and actors of innovation.

Benefits for your project:

  • Additional input to the innovative aspects of your project’s technology from a radically different point of view. This will be achieved by rethinking design, expanding technological limits through art installations, developing unexpected use-cases for the technology, testing unusual technical solutions, and working on social acceptance;
  • New prospects for innovation, production of new prototypes and new knowledge complimentary to your project;
  • Organisational learning through the adoption of new processes for innovation;
  • Significant extension of public dissemination of the project activities and technology through the high-profile VERTIGO events and dissemination channels.

Requirements and process

Pre-conditions for the second residency call:

  • The R&D project is in the field of ICT or related application areas;
  • The R&D project is either funded through a public European / national program or by own funds of the organisation/company;
  • It ends after June 2019 (for residencies starting in 2018) or after May 2020 (for residencies starting in 2019);
  • It is fully committed to integrate the artist into the project organisational and collaborative framework;
  • It gives the artist access to technologies developed by the project;
  • It provides a basic working environment for the artist.
  • Optionally: provides a technical infrastructure for hosting the artwork production process (otherwise will be supported by a third party, called as Producer, brought by the artist).

Selection criteria:

  • Period of implementation: the project should be under execution at the time of the residency;
  • Scope: the ICT-related project should address an important technologic area, such as smart cities, wearable technology, open data, internet of things, cloud computing, etc.,
  • Innovation potential:originality of the ICT-related project and associate technology;
  • Capacity to show resources committed to the artistic residency (people, tools, possibility to interact with the technology, etc.);
  • Quality of information: is the information filled in the on-line form suitable for communication: quality of writing, quality and resolution of pictures and video, capacity to express technology in understandable language for artists and large audience
  • Target-groups: dimension of the target-group (e.g. type of actors, activity areas, geographic dispersion) addressed by the technology being developed by the ICT-related project;
  • Impact: Positive changes and advancement for society or economy.

Note: within the VERTIGO Project, an ICT-Project is a project, formalised within defined means and time frame, aimed at implementing research and innovation activities in the field of ICT at the level of the international state-of-the-art.

Submission process:

  • Interested projects fill a form presenting their activity, technology and hosting offer.
  • The projects submission for the 2018 Call for Residencies will close on December 10th at 06:00pm CET. Submissions made after this deadline will be accepted only for the 2019 Call (3rd call).
  • The selection of available projects for the 2018 Call for Artists will be published from January 10th;
  • The announcement of laureates will be made on June 2018;
  • The selected residencies will start from September 2018 at the earliest.

Please register and apply here!  It’s easy!

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