At this year’s New European Media (NEM) Summit in Porto, Portugal (23- 24 November) we are planning a workshop on the Creative & Cultural Industries (CCI) and their place in NEM.

We want to promote Creative Industries in NEM, attract more companies and entities in this field, define common issues of interest and the way of working with it.

In order to have a fruitful exchange at the NEM Summit we want to gather information about NEM members interested in the CCI beforehand. We also want to reach out to NEM members – or potential members – who are willing to participate in the session, or in the newly established NEM CCI working group, which is lead by us.

This is why we ask you to take a few minutes of your time (max. of 5 min.) and answer our survey.

Thank you!

Marta Izquierdo, U-Tad
Nina Klein, Frankfurt Book Fair

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    Interested in attending the CCI workshop at the NEM Summit?

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    What is the Research and Innovation topic of interest for your organization to work on at European level?
    Virtual RealityMedia ConvergenceSocial NetworksComputer IntelligenceGames technologyAugmented RealityBig DataOther (please use text field below)

    Main reasons and interests in NEM*
    Networking: EU projects, other funding possibilitiesLobbying for innovation policies (input to: Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA), position papers etc.)Networking: new business partners, knowledge exchange, market-uptake, R&D etc.Market insightsLobbying for Creative Industry position and relevance (DG Connect, DG Culture, National and Regional Governments, etc..)Other (please use text field below)

    Any suggestion? We would like to know if there is anything around Creative Industries that you would like to work on in NEM and is not in the questionnaire?


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