Th eNEM Initiative is reaching out to all European researchers and developers in the field of Language Technology (LT), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Language-centric AI. We kindly ask you to participate in a consultation process through an online questionnaire and provide your feedback until 10 September 2021.

About the questionnaire

The ELE project addresses an appeal by the European Parliament resolution Language equality in the digital age. Its primary goal is the preparation of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and Roadmap, in order to tackle the striking imbalance between European languages in terms of the support they receive through language technologies.

To this end, ELE is reaching out to all European stakeholders involved in Digital Language Equality through a series of consultation rounds. This questionnaire is specifically addressed to researchers and industry practitioners in LT including NLP, Speech Technologies and Language-centric AI.

The questionnaire takes approx. 20 minutes to fill in. You are asked to evaluate the current situation with respect to the level of LT support for European languages, to indicate challenges and to share your needs and expectations for the future. Your contributions will be carefully taken into account when preparing the ELE strategic agenda and roadmap.

This is a joint pan-European effort that will impact the field of LT in Europe for the next 10-15 years, including the funding situation. Join us and be a part of it!

Have your say in the online survey at

Please note that ELE is also consulting with RESEARCHERS or DEVELOPERS of LT.  If you or your organization also represent RESEARCHERS or DEVELOPERS of LT, you may wish to additionally share your views as a user of LT through a different dedicated questionnaire.

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