DG Connect UnitMain DomainProject NameShort DescriptionWebsite
G1Content Convergence3D LIFE (project ended)NoE in 3Dwww.3dlife-noe.eu
G2Creativtiy3D-PITOTI3D acquisition, processing and presentation of prehistoric European rock-art www.3r-pitoti.eu
G1Content Exploitation3DTVS3D content description and retrievalwww.3dtvs-project.eu
G2Creativtiy4CCollaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation www.4cproject.eu
G1Content ConvergenceACTION-TVTV content interaction, social networkswww.action-tv.net
G2CreativtiyAPARSEN Alliance Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe Network www.alliancepermanentaccess.org/current-projects/aparsen
G1Media RightsARROW PLUS (project ended)IPR on orphan bookswww.arrow-net.eu
G2CreativtiyAthenaPlus Access to cultural heritage networks for Europeanawww.athenaplus.eu
G2CreativtiyAXES Access to Audiovisual Archives www.axes-project.eu
G1Content ConvergenceBRIDGETSyncwww.ict-bridget.eu
G2Creativtiyc-SpaceAn affordable tool to turn the space surrounding us into a creative experience www.c-spaceproject.eu
G1Content ConvergenceCOMPEITInteractive, social connectionswww.compeit.eu
G2CreativtiyCONCEPTCOllaborative CrEative design PlaTform www.concept-fp7.eu
G2CreativtiyCRE - AMCreativity REsearch Adaptive roadmap www.ict-cream.eu
G2CreativtiyCREAMCReativity Enhancement through Advanced brain Mapping and stimulation www.ict-cream.eu
G2CreativtiyCREATIFDigital creative tools for digital printing of smart fabrics www.www.creatif.ecs.soton.ac.uk
G1Content ExploitationCROWDRECRecommendation systemswww.crowdrec.eu
G1Content ExploitationCUBRIKsearch of multimedia contentwww.cubrikproject.eu
G2CreativtiyDaguerreobaseCollective cataloging tool for daguerreotypeswww.daguerreboase.org
G2CreativtiyDAVIDDigital AV Media Damage Prevention and Repair www.david-preservation.eu
G2CreativtiyDM2E DM2E has two primary aims: to enable as many content providers as possible to get their data into Europeana and to stimulate the creation of new tools and services for re-use of Europeana data in the Digital Humanities.www.dm2e.eu
G2CreativtiyDr InventorPromoting Scientific Creativity by Utilising Web-based Research Objects www.drinventor.eu
G2CreativtiyDuraArK Durable Architectural Knowledge www.duraark.eu
G2CreativtiyE-ARK European Archival Records and Knowledge Preservationwww.eark-project.com
G2CreativtiyEAGLE Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin EpigraphyEAGLE
G2CreativtiyEEXCESSEnhancing Europe's eXchange in Cultural Educational and Scientific Resources www.eexcess.eu
G2CreativtiyEU-INSIDEEU-INSIDE - to open up a significant critical-mass of new digital cultural content from European cultural institutions for delivery through Europeanawww.europeana-inside.eu
G2CreativtiyEuropeana 1914-1918Europeana 1914-1918 - Remembering the First World War – a digital collection of outstanding sources from European national librarieswww.europeana-collections-1914-1918.eu
G2CreativtiyEuropeana CreativeEuropeana Creative will support and promote the re-use of cultural resources available via Europeanapro.europeana.eu
G2CreativtiyEuropeana Newspapers Europeana Newspapers - A Gateway to European Newspapers Onlinewww.europeana-newspapers.eu
G2CreativtiyEuropeana SpaceSpaces of possibility for the creative re-use of Europeana’s contentEuropeana Space
G2CreativtiyEuropeanPhotographyEUROPEAN Ancient PHOTOgraphic vintaGe repositoRies of digitAized Pictures of Historical qualitywww.europeana-photography.eu
G1Content ConvergenceFASCINATE (project ended)Immersive navigation, 2nd screenwww.fascinate-project.eu
E3Future InternetFI ContentFI-CONTENT 2 (Phase 2) is the FI-PPP (Future Internet Public Private Partnership) use case project at the crossroads of content, media, networks and creativity. It aims at developing and experimenting across Europe cutting-edge ICT platforms for applications and services in the areas of social connected TV, smart city services, and pervasive gameswww.ficontent.eu
G1Content ConvergenceFINE (project ended)Free view point, combination of sources, 2nd screenwww.porjectfine.eu
G2CreativtiyForgetIT Concise Preservation by combining Managed Forgetting and Contextualized Remembering www.forgetit-project.eu
G1Media RightsFORWARDIPR on orphan AV workswww.project-forward.eu
G2CreativtiyGiantStepsSeven League Boots for Music Creation and Performance mtg.upf.edu/projects/giantsteps
G1Content ConvergenceGLOBAL ITVHybrid TV interoperabilitywww.global-itv.com
G1Content ConvergenceHBB-NEXT (project ending)Syncwww.hbb-next.eu
G1Content Convergencei3Impact Innovate Invest identifies promising solutions in the European social media research sector, and help their makers to evaluate technology and business potential for a viable go2market strategy.www.i3project.eu
G2Creativtiyi-Treasures Intangible Treasures - Capturing the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Learning the Rare Know-How of Living Human Treasures www.i-treasures.eu
G1Content ConvergenceICOSOLECombination content different sources, HbbTVwww.icosole.eu
G2CreativtiyIdeaGardenAn Interactive Learning Environment Fostering Creativity www.idea-garden.org
G1Content ExploitationinEVENTHypereventwww.inevent-project.eu
G2CreativtiyINSIDDE INtegration of cost-effective Solutions for Imaging, Detection, and Digitisation of hidden Elements in paintings www.insidde-fp7.eu
G1Content ConvergenceLINKED TV2nd screenwww.linkedtv.eu
G2CreativtiyLoCloudLocal content in a Europeana cloudLoCloud
G2CreativtiyM C SQUAREDA Computational Environment to Stimulate and Enhance Creative Designs for Mathematical Creativity www.mc2-project.ue
G2CreativtiyMAGELLANa Multimodal Authoring and Gaming Environment for Location-based coLlaborative AdveNtures www.magellan.diginext.fr
G2CreativtiyMAXICULTURE MAXimising the Impact of CULTUral REsearch projects www.maxiculture.eu
G1Content ConvergenceMEDIASCAPEContent delivery ATAWADwww.mediascapeproject.eu
G2CreativtiymeSchMaterial Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage www.mesch-project.eu
G1Content ConvergenceNUBOMEDIAPaaS for interactive multimedia creationwww.nubomedia.eu
G2CreativtiyPHENICX Performances as Highly Enriched aNd Interactive Concert eXperiences www.phenixc.upf.edu
G2CreativtiyPREFORMA PREservation FORMAts for culture information/e-archiveswww.preforma-project.eu
G2CreativtiyPRESIOUS P REdictive digitization, reStoration and degradatIOn assessment of cultUral heritage objectS www.presious.eu
G2CreativtiyPresto4U European Technology for Digital Audiovisual Media Preservation www.prestocentre.org
G1Media RightsRDIIntegration of licence information standardswww.rdi-project.eu
G2CreativtiyRE@CT Immersive production and delivery of interactive 3D content www.react-project.eu
G1Content ExploitationREVEALTrust on content, contribuitor and contextwww.reveal-project.eu
G1Content ConvergenceREVERIEImmersive envwww.reveriefp7.eu
G2CreativtiyRovina Robots for Exploration, Digital Preservation and Visualization of Archeological Sites www.rovina-project.eu
G1Content ConvergenceSA EMC2SA in 3Dwww.emc-square.org
G1Content ConvergenceSAMcontent syncwww.socialisingaroundmedia.com
G2CreativtiySCENENovel Scene representations for richer networked media www.3d-scene.eu
G1Content ExploitationSOCIALSENSORTrust on content, contribuitor and contextwww.socialsensor.eu
G2CreativtiySUCCEED SUpport action Centre of CompEtEnce in Digitisation www.succeed-project.eu
G2CreativtiyTAG CLOUD Technologies lead to Adaptability & lifelong enGagement with culture throughout the CLOUD www.tagcloudproject.eu
G2CreativtiyThe Europeana Fashion best practice network The Europeana Fashion best practice network aims at aggregating and harmonizing existing digital content coming from the most important and interesting public and private European fashion collections, ingesting this fashion-related content into Europeanawww.europeanafashion.eu
G2CreativtiyTISPTechnology and Innovation for Smart Publishingwww.smartbook-tisp.eu
G2CreativtiytranScriptorium Innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the indexing, search and full transcription of historical handwritten document imageswww.transcriptorium.eu
G1Content ConvergenceTV-RINGHbbTV testbedwww.tvring.eu
G1Content ExploitationUCNUser centric arch for personalised serviceswww.usercentricnetworking.eu
G2CreativtiyV-MusT.net Virtual Museum Transnational Network www.v-must.net
E3Networked MediaVconectThe Vconect vision is the adoption of high-quality enriched video as a medium for mass communication within communities. Vconect is building a video communication platform which models and supports the complex communication topologies that characterise conversations between group members.www.vconect-project.eu
G2CreativtiyVENTURI ImmersiVe ENhancemenT of User-woRld Interactions www.venturi.fbk.eu/project
G2CreativtiyWHIMThe What-If Machine www.whim-project.eu
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