NEM Event – Nantes

13 December 2017, Nantes NEM Event: “Creativity and emotion at the time of the artificial intelligence”

“How the artificial intelligence transforms the cultural and creative industries ?” was the   topic of this conference / workshop.

The event was divided in two parts, in a morning round table and in an afternoon workshop, while two topics were addressed: creativity and emotion. It was dedicated to ICT and communication companies (big companies, SME, start-ups), researchers, artists and designers. Networking and knowledge sharing took place between professionals and stakeholders of the sector. The event was attended by almost 65 people.

The topics that have been discussed on the round tables are:

  • Artificial intelligence & creativity: How the AI can change creative jobs from design to communication, do we have to be afraid of a replacement of these jobs?
  • Artificial intelligence & emotion: How to envisage new relations between human beings and machines?

The workshops were mainly focused on: Totem & taboo, fiction design, how AI can contribute to understand remote feelings.

The event was the opportunity to discover:

2Roqs: The 2Roqs studio produces interactive digital works. It leads, designs and develops interactive multimedia devices, for museums, institutions or individuals.

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