The NEM Summit 2016 will have the following three Scientific and Technical Tracks:

  • Emotional and Smart Content Creation and Consumption
  • Smart Media Convergence
  • Connected Realistic Digital Worlds

All stakeholders in European Media are invited to submit scientific and technical extended abstracts addressing topics defined within the NEM Summit Tracks as described below. The submissions should present original work, innovative ideas, and achieved results. Besides contributions to the three Summit Tracks, all further valuable scientific and technical contributions addressing relevant NEM research topics as defined in the NEM Research and Innovation Priorities (available on the NEM Initiative website –, will be considered by the Program Committee as well.
Contributions that include elements that take into account the need for media accessibility by those with reduced abilities are welcomed.

Media and ICT for Creative Industries Track:

Besides the Scientific and Technical Tracks, the NEM Summit 2016 will also provide the opportunity for talks on innovative applications or related business models, in particular considering specific issues related to SME’s, in the scope of its Media and ICT for Creative Industries Track, where all stakeholders of new European Media are invited to submit descriptions of new and innovative shows / show cases and experimentation in the NEM area. The submissions should present original work, innovative ideas, and results, including the description of on-going activities and development of related products, services.

Important Dates and Submission Guidelines

  • Submission opening: 1 September 2016
  • Submission deadline: 12 October 2016 – submission portal is closed now!
  • Acceptance notification: 25 October 2016
  • Deadline for final papers: 4 November 2016

All contributions for the NEM Summit 2016 should be provided in PDF format – expected length of the extended abstracts is two A4 pages, (maximum three pages) with minimum font of 11pt in a free format. There is also possibility to provide further supporting information for the submissions, such as planned presentation means, web links, etc., as attachment.

The submitted contributions will be subject of review by the NEM Summit Program Committee within a fast track evaluation process. Selected contributions might be published in the Summit Proceedings and/or on the NEM website – all further rights remain with the authors.

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