Overview of the CRe-AM Project, CRe-AM scenarios validation and gap analysis validation (group discussions), Roadmap and validation of recommendations
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Several demonstrations: WrapRec: An Easy Extension of Recommender System Libraries, SoundComment User Engagement for Music Metadata, ContentWise - Integrated personalization solution for digital video, CrowdRec Reference Framework, Gravity recommendation demo on Android
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Come and create your own smartphone application with just a few clicks! Live demonstrations and hands-on sessions of Social Connected TV & Smart City Services: Two open platforms for developers, SMEs, and even end-users to create cutting-edge applications, using software blocks called “Enablers”, or a very user-friendly web tool.
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The Reactable is a tabletop musical systems designed for various modes of playing. It guides the user and proposes musically meaningful parameters first without adding restrictions. A prototype implementation of a scale recommender system for the Reactable will be showcased.
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Showcase of results and technologies of Inria and partner startups through an exhibition area and 3 talks : Towards Inria 2020 - the POTIOC research Team and their work on PapART, OpenVIBE and Teegi - presentation of Stim Tac.
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Investment Forum
A great opportunity for 10 entrepreneurs from the creative industries and digital media to present their ventures to early stage European investors and obtain financial investment.
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Several demonstrations: repoVizz: a framework for remote storage, visual browsing, annotation and exchange of multi-modal data, RCO Editions: the world of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra from the comfort of your own home, and much more…
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Presentations and hands-on demonstrations on how this cross-breeding of social networks and networked media can support the explosion of user generated content, ubiquitous access to everything, as well as embrace emerging community-centric media services. Also, a discussion on lessons learned from real-world experiments.
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Presentations on the topic “Building policies to support ICT innovation in publishing: strategies meet experiences”. Round tables on what’s on and what’s needed for ICT and publishing towards an integrated economic growth and high level performance.
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Mini-conferences: Services, trends and facts that are shaping the future of Connected TV: Key players of the broadcasting sector and research entities will their experience in the sector, the present situation, future opportunities and obstacles to overcome in the incoming future of TV.
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Showcase sessions
Four 45’ showcases will be made by the projects FI-Links, SCENE, MOSAIC and FABulous, which will deal with various topics: FIware accelerator programme, Technology plaforms fostering ICT research, innovation, strategy and international cooperation, Computational videography applied to visual content production…
Please click on the links below to access the details to each 45’ presentation:
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