New digital media opportunities

[New Working Group, launched in 2020]

The NEM WG on New Digital Media will explore the potential of new digital media and new transdisciplinary approaches relevant for NEM. The focus areas will build on some of NEMs previous Position papers in the area:

The objective New Digital Media WG is:

  1. Producing a position/White paper
  2. Contact relevant EC Units to present the white paper in order to position NEM
  3. Produce some dissemination material defining NEMs contributions to the problem
  4. Positioning NEM towards a potential partner in a possible KIC on CCI
  5. Connecting NEM to the STARTS community
  6. Including art and technology in NEM strategy and vision
  7. Select Horizon Europe and Digital Europe topics relevant to art and technology immersive and XR technologies

Some of WGs potential focus areas are; Digital storytelling as a basis for CCI (Cultural and creative industry), Explore IDNs (Interactive Digital Narratives) for new delivery platforms such as media for 5G and others, XR technologies, Artificial Intelligence to empower media and creative industries and Immersive and interactive environments and immersive communications.


The objective of this WG is to provide a paper giving the NEM recommendations regarding the Next generation Internet initiative. Today Media and content is not partially in the NGI program, our ambition is to provide a consistent description of the contribution of media, content and creative industry in this NGI ambition.

Several support action project are working on the definition of the NGI, the position paper from this working group has been provided to these projects in order to influence the FP9 / Horizon Europe objectives. Several research topics from the NEM strategic and Innovation agenda should be part of the NGI. At the end, this position paper represents one of the input for the FP9 paper developed in the other NEM Working Groups.

Download the position paper.

Currently, this WG is not active, but will be reactivated in in the context of further NGI strategy development for the  Horizon Europe program, ensuring reflection of research topics sand priorities from the NEM community.


The objective  DEI/DEH WG is to prepare a white paper describing what are recommendations, strategies, best practices…. to develop hubs and innovation ecosystems in terms of Media, content and creative industry. NEM is a cluster of clusters and most of these clusters should be considered as Digital Innovation Hubs.

The main role of DIH is to help the local industry to use ICT technologies in their process. It is obvious that Media, content are used in the designing phase but also in dissemination activities. The NEM ETP should take the umbrella role of animating the Media DIH and try to catch funding in the WP2020 and further in FP9.

Outcomes of the WG are sumarized in the paper available here.

Currently, this WG is not active, but will be reactivated in in the context of the  Horizon Europe program.

5G PPP media pilot

The objective of 5G PPP Media pilot is to propose a set of pilots that could be developed in the ICT19 call (Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries). Media has been identified as one of these verticals and will be able to help validation of the 5G KPIs such has bandwidth, latency or security/privacy.

The provided paper collects a number of potential use cases/pilots that could be developed and for each of them there will be a description of the KPIs that they will be able to validate.

This working group is a joined working group between NEM and Networld2020.

Outcomes of the WG are sumarized in the paper available here.

This WG will continue its activities by Smart Network Services media pilot and slice definition update in the context of 6G communications networks.

NEM Vision / Strategy

This Working Group is contineously producing strategic documents as main publications of the NEM Initiative covering all issues relevant to the goals of the NEM Initiative, evolving from interests of its members in respect to definition of a common NEM mission and related priorities, and address a large variety of the relevant topics from different perspectives and scopes, such as:

  • Technological and business
  • Societal, policy, and regulatory
  • Sustainable economic growth
  • Global (world-wide) environment

Recently, the provided a vision for Media, content and creative R&I topics that should have a place in the Horizon Europe program. The WG is also responsible for creating the NEM Strategic and Innovation Agenda.

The published Vision and SRIA documents are available for download and further distibution (please, follow the links).

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