Expertise on Digital TV and SW Development

Expertise on Digital TV and SW Development

Description of Expertise offered

The R&I Area of Optiva Media stems from the initiative of fostering the technological innovation in the digital TV field in which the company focuses its activity, especially on QoE improvement and provision of content by means of metadata enhancement and smart content recommendation and curation. Besides its primary digital TV expertise, the R&I Area strives to diverse its technical knowledges, exploring LiFi technology to increase the bandwidth in the user loop and facilitate fast digital video transmissions. Our intention is to apply these new technologies to different application domains where Optiva Media can offer its wide expertise through the provision of audiovisual solutions.
Our main areas of interest for project proposals are Big Data, Social Media, Internet of Things applications, Smart Cities, transport, eHealth, Active Aging and Security. Between the abovementioned Areas of Expertise, the fields in which Optiva Media has gathered more experience are:
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. Languages (Ruby, python, Java, JavaScript, html, svg, css sass/less, C/C++, php, .net); Content Protection (Nagra PRM, Marlin, MS playready, Adobe Access, Widevine); Development Frameworks (Nagra JSFW, OTV 2,4.x&5, angularjs, rails, foundation, jquery, QT); Streaming Formats (Adaptive HLS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG Dash); Platforms supported (OTT, Hybrid, DVB, SmartTV, HbbTV, PC, STB, Multiscreen, IOS, Android, and Microsoft)
QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTING. Test Management (TestLink, HP Quality Center, Testopia, Bug Tracking, Assembla, Jira and Bugzilla); Manual tests (Sanity, Functional, Regression and Acceptance); Automation tests (ATF and Storm Tests); Lab equipment (Satellite and Cable DVB modulators, Frame and Spectrum analyzer, Video and Data Spoolers and CMTS)


Name: Optiva Media Research & Innovation
Company: Consultora de Telecomunicaciones Optiva Media S.L.
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Spain

Brief description of my Organisation

Optiva Media is a professional services’ company, created in 2002, by a team of individuals with key experience in the DTV and Audio-visual markets who are passionate about delivering a new level of service to broadcasters. Optiva Media is a completely independent company, with flexibility to respond quickly to customers’ needs, and with a huge knowledge of the complete Digital TV and audiovisual media market value chain. This knowledge along with the varied expertise of its workforce makes Optiva Media the ideal partner for strategy, product marketing and TV contents. Our full time employees, over 100, are looking forward to working and building long term relationships with you. Relationships that are built on trust and the willingness to share their expertise and ensure your projects are delivered on time and within budget. With its Headquarters in Spain and offices in Portugal, Germany, Colombia, and México, Optiva Media is predominantly focused on supporting Broadcast clients. Optiva Media delivers major projects in EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America: wherever we believe that we can add real value to a client’s business, we will be delighted to venture.

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