MAESOFT1 for Innovative eHealth solutions

MAESOFT1 for Innovative eHealth solutions

Description of Expertise offered

International Reviewer in the field of Medical Informatics

Provide solutions for:

* Information System Modeling
- Management of Activities
- Modeling Information System Architecture

* Artificial Intelligence
- Decision Support System
- Imaging Processing

* Medical Informatics
- Medical Software
- Medical Technology


Name: Eustache Muteba A.
Company: MAESOFT1
Type of Organisation: Research
Country: Congo {Democratic Rep}
Telephone: 00243812780105

Brief description of my Organisation

MAESOFT1 is an organization that offers integrated product innovations and services.
Our central force is the one of giving eHealth solutions based on the international norms.
Our areas of activities are:
- Robotics
- Remote systems
- Web medical decision support system
- Image processing
- Management of activities
- Educationa software
- Geographic information system and big data
- Projetc evaluation
- System modeling.

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