Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems for proposal collaborations

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality systems for proposal collaborations

Expression of Interest description

Dear Colleagues,

I am the manager for Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) at Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG - based in Ireland. We are a steering board member of the NEM Technology platform and I would like to highlight our interests in collaborating on projects for the Horizon 2020 Objective ICT-20-2017 “Tools for smart digital content in the creative industry” and Objective ICT-23-2017 “Interfaces for accessibility”.

Through collaborative R&D, cutting edge product development, engagement with industry partners we have become an internationally recognized center of excellence for ICT research and innovation over the last 20 years.

AR and VR has massive innovation potential across a wide range of industries and research fields. Our team is very active in this space and has expertise and experience in the following areas:
• Context aware augmented environments;
• UI/UX for virtual and augmented applications;
• VR and AR immersive experiences;
• Training and education;
• AR/VR telepresence communication and collaboration systems;
• AR/VR front end applications and visualisation for AI/data analytics systems;
• Productivity tools and applications;
• SDK development for bespoke VR hardware;
• Motion tracking, recording and data interpretation;
• Cognitive research using VR stimuli.

This research and innovation is currently across a range of industries including – transport, construction, tourism, entertainment, education, Fintech and productivity software.

We would be happy to talk to any potential partners to discuss how AR/VR could strengthen your proposal and begin a joint collaboration. I look forward to talking to you.

Best regards,
Paul Cooke

Types of partners being sought
Industry, Universities, Colleges, R&D/Technology Centers, Startups, SME partners
Contact: Paul Cooke
Company: TSSG
Type of Organisation: Research
Country: Ireland {Republic}
Telephone: +353 51 302920

Brief description of my Organisation

TSSG is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation. We carry out a wide spectrum of industry-informed research in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), particularly technologies enabling communications and information services.

Our four key prioritised technical Research areas include Mobile Platforms and Services,  Data Analytics and Social computing,  Adaptive Networks and services, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). We create economic impact by translating our knowledge base and innovation into leading edge products and services by continuing our engagement with Industry in collaborative R&D, knowledge generation and transfer.

Over the past five years, TSSG has delivered innovative solutions to over 210 start-ups based in Ireland and has worked extensively with multinationals such as IBM and Cisco through its world class research programmes, such as the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Connect Centre. TSSG  has also created 14 spin out companies in the South East including the award winning FeedHenry, a groundbreaking mobile cloud platform company (acquired by RedHat NYSE: RHT in 2014 for €65 million), KodaCall a new ‘Click to Call’ Technology and Immersive VR Education a leader in Virtual Reality education technologies and also experiences such as the award wining Apollo 11 experience.

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