Horizon 2020: Research and Innovation cooperation within european funding schemes and consortia

Horizon 2020: Research and Innovation cooperation within european funding schemes and consortia

Expression of Interest description

Nuromedia is interested in collaborating in H2020 research proposals for innovation actions (IA) as well as research and innovation actions (RIA). Our main interest, although not exclusively, lies in the calls ICT-20 and ICT-23.
Our main expertise includes User Interface and User Experience design (for mobile, desktop, VR/AR and cross-platform applications), Requirements & Software Engineering, VR/AR development, Motion Tracking/Capturing, Data Visualisation, Data Analytics, System Design & Integration, Gamification, Serious Games/applied applications (eLearning / eHealth), Impact management as well as exploitation & dissemination.

In our work we give high priority on user-centricity. Nuromedia follows strict accessibility guidelines, for people with certain impairments to be able to use our applications just the way a person without impairments could. Since this is a very important topic for us we strive to find new methods and solutions for accessibility, which is a major motivational point for us to participate in ICT-23 proposals.

Our goal is to further advance the usability and accessibility of our software solutions for every user. Thanks to our experience in Big Data as well as Machine Learning we are able to develop User Interfaces which adapt to the individual needs of the user, recognising the type of user together with his/her needs and presenting the most suited UI possible.
As Nuromedia is part of the German creative industry we have extensive experience with the different processes of creating new content and media solutions. In 15 years of experience we have developed our own novel and individualized solutions to facilitate our creative process and maximize our potential. However, we are always interested in improving these solutions as well as find standardised solutions in order to further leverage their benefits.

We are principally interested in any type of proposal / consortium which is in need of our expertise and ready to work with us.

Types of partners being sought
Research and Innvoation partners to form european research and innovation consortia
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Contact: Jens Piesk
Company: Nuromedia GmbH
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: Germany
Web: http://nuromedia.de/
Telephone: +4915123456926

Brief description of my Organisation

Nuromedia GmbH, Cologne/Germany, was founded in 2006 by Jens Piesk and Dr. Holger Sprengel, experienced entrepreneurs in the media and mobile sector. The team of Nuromedia has 15 years of experience of European and national funded research, development & innovation projects. The company consists of the following departments: Nuromobile, Nurogames, Nuromedia online and Nurostudios.

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Nuromedia desgins, develops, produces and markets quality products, services and trend-­setting media solutions for mobile, PC and cross-platform applications and interactive rich-­media content, focusing on user interfaces and human-­machine interaction. Nuromedia bundles high design and software competence as well as know-­‐how related to the market and communication. All the project teams reflect this interdisciplinary idea. In order to give the customers a lasting competitive edge in communication, Nuromedia is continuously developing new application-­ and performance-­possibilities in the fields of communication and cross-­media applications in close cooperation with well-­known research-­ and technology-­partners.

The mobile division is specializing in the development, production and marketing of mobile applications and contents, covering innovative applications like games, e-­learning, active screens, instant messaging etc. Current developments in the area and the proliferation of mobile platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone) require a universal development approach. Most recently, Nuromedia developed several cross-­platform applications and games with the cross-­platform open source technology Cocos2d-­x.

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