Regional Editors’ Network

Regional Editors' Network

Expression of Interest description

The Regional Editors' Network is a project run by Arkbound to create a network of hyperlocal and niche publications by aspiring journalists, principally from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are mentored by experienced journalists. In the process they are given access to a range of resources and support to produce their own media - whether this be digital platforms, contemporary magazines, transmedia or smaller niche operations. The project evolved and is supported by the Council of Europe (Accelerating Media Diversity).

Types of partners being sought
Joint funding partners, other media organisations, journalists
Contact: Stephen Mcnaught
Company: Arkbound
Type of Organisation: SME
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: 08712682923

Brief description of my Organisation

Arkbound is a publishing social enterprise based in Bristol, UK, which publishes books and magazines.

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