Projects related to RRI in the creative sectors especially focused on the application of new technologies and the active participation of the users throughout the process.

Company Name: Research Microcluster Globalization, tourism and heritage, Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV, Spain)

Description of Expertise offered:
Virginia is the coordinator of the Research Microcluster “Globalization, tourism and heritage” of the International Campus of Excellence. The research MCI is based on an interdisciplinary group of researchers, who are focused on the creative industries, concretely on cultural and intangible heritage. The team is composed of professors from several departments such as Cultural Heritage, Management and Computer Engineering. Their aim is to develop projects related to RRI in the creative sectors especially focused on the application of new technologies, where the goal is the integration of the users throughout the process. She has lead 8 international R+D projects and[...]


Expertise on Digital TV and SW Development

Name: Optiva Media Research & Innovation
Company Name: Consultora de Telecomunicaciones Optiva Media S.L.

Description of Expertise offered:
The R&I Area of Optiva Media stems from the initiative of fostering the technological innovation in the digital TV field in which the company focuses its activity, especially on QoE improvement and provision of content by means of metadata enhancement and smart content recommendation and curation. Besides its primary digital TV expertise, the R&I Area strives to diverse its technical knowledges, exploring LiFi technology to increase the bandwidth in the user loop and facilitate fast digital video transmissions. Our intention is to apply these new technologies to different application domains where Optiva Media can offer its wide expertise through the[...]


MAESOFT1 for Innovative eHealth solutions

Name: Eustache Muteba A.
Company Name: MAESOFT1

Description of Expertise offered:
International Reviewer in the field of Medical Informatics Provide solutions for: * Information System Modeling - Management of Activities - Modeling Information System Architecture * Artificial Intelligence - Decision Support System - Imaging Processing * Medical Informatics - Medical Software - Medical Technology


VR/AR for eHealth&Industry4.0 solutions

Name: jon arambarri
Company Name: virtualware

Description of Expertise offered: is the leading Spanish Creative SME involved in spreading the use of Graphical& Interactive Technologies facing challenges such as eHealth and Industry4.0. R&D Challenges EHealth Tackling the Challenge of the Aging Society: Detecting and Preventing Cognitive and Physical Decline through Games and Consumer Technologies Industry4.0 Digital, Virtual and Efficient Companies, including Factory design, data collection and management, operation and planning, from real time to long term optimization approaches Virtual reality and augmented reality simulators for planning and operation of manufacturing systems Person-Machine Collaboration, including the enhancement of the role of people in manufacturing Concepts for smart use of IoT,[...]

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