Elections held at 17th NEM General Assembly in Brussels on 1st April 2014.

List of the NEM Steering Board organisation members and their representatives

  • Alcatel Lucent, Josephus van Sas, Industry
  • Barco, Augustin Grillet, Industry
  • BBC, Judy Parnall, Industry
  • BT, Doug Williams, Industry
  • Cap Digital, Nadia Echchihab, User view/SME (Clusters)
  • Catapult, Chris Thompson, Academia and Research
  • Dramaworks, Michael Esser, SME
  • Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Silvia Boi, Industry
  • Eurescom, Halid Hrasnica, Industry
  • European Broadcasting Union, Simon Fell, Association
  • Federation of European Publishers, Enrico Turrin, User view/SME (Clusters)
  • Frankfurt Book Fair, Nina Klein, User view/SME
  • Fraunhofer (Fokus), Stefan Arbanowski, Academia and Research
  • Holken Consultants & Partners, Hadmut Holken, SME
  • Images & Réseaux, Gerard Le Bihan
  • Imaginove, Marie Soufflot, SME Cluster
  • iMinds, Simon Delaere, Academia and Research
  • IN2, Alexandru Stan, Industry
  • Inria, Gregory Grefenstette, Academia and Research
  • Intel, Thorsten Herfet, Industry
  • IntraCom Telecom, Artur Krukowski, Industry
  • IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik), Ralf Neudel, Academia and Research (also SME)
  • IT Innovation Centre, Paul Walland, Academia and Research
  • KTN for Creative Industries, Digital Economy and Design, Franck Boyd, User view/SME (Clusters)
  • Madrid audio Visual cluster, Veronica Buez Cieslak, User view/SME (Clusters)
  • Media Deals, Thierry Baujard, SME
  • Orange, Pierre-Yves Danet, Industry
  • Sigma Orionis, Roger Torrenti, SME
  • Sintef, Amela Karahasanovic, Academia and Research
  • Technicolor, Jean-Dominique Meunier, Industry
  • Tecnalia, Jesus Santamaria, Academia and Research
  • Telecom Italia, Jovanka Adzic, Industry
  • TNO Media Services & Networks, Rob Koenen, Academia and Research
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Jose-Manuel Menendez, Academia and Research
  • Vsonix, Volker Hahn, SME
  • Waterford Institutes of Technologies, James Clarke, Academia and Research
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