NEM Membership

Membership is free and open to all and members will be encouraged to actively participate in NEM events and contribute to NEM activities. General Assembly members elect the NEM Steering Board, endorse the NEM Vision and the NEM Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) as well as the policies and content of the initiative. All members are welcome to participate in the GA meetings.

To become member, please, apply by using online registration form.

The NEM governance is based on the following structure:

  • NEM General Assembly consisting of all interested stakeholders – NEM members
  • NEM Steering Board – involving a representative set of players of all domains of the Networked and Electronic Media, defining the strategic vision and the key orientations of the Initiative, aiming at converting the NEM vision into a strategic agenda, and setting the operational goals for achieving this agenda
  • NEM Executive Group – a subset of the Steering Board who, together with NEM Office, take the responsibility for the day-to-day management of the activities of the initiative and the handling of all working relationships

A NEM Chairperson is appointed by the Steering Board as a representative role held by a senior person from the NEM community who is prepared to interact at senior level with other industry players and key representatives from the European and national Public Authorities. Two NEM Vice-chairs are appointed by the Steering Board, in order to represent NEM Initiative and actively participate in activities of the Executive Group. A NEM Executive Director is appointed by the Executive Group, to organise in the most efficient way the work performed by the Executive Group.

The NEM Initiative governance, including all its activities, bodies, and officers, is supported by NEM Secretariat which provides first contact point of NEM, maintains information flow and repository including NEM website, performs organisational and formal support for all NEM meetings and workshops at various levels, and supports NEM Officers in their work.

Basic rules of the NEM Initiative are defined in its Governance Model, which is approved by the General Assembly and is available (see NEM Formal Documents).

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