The NEM Executive Group (NEM EG) is a subset of the NEM Steering Board which, along with the NEM Secretariat, take responsibility for the day-to-day organisation, communication and logistics of the NEM initiative. Participation in the NEM Executive Group is open to those Steering Board member organisations who have capacity to play a more active role in the NEM development. In this group the orchestration of NEM events, participation in other events and presentation of NEM wherever appropriate is organised. The Executive Group is in charge of preparing suggestions and recommendations for discussion and approval by the Steering Board, and it is then in charge of performing and monitoring the progress of the work along with the NEM Secretariat.

The Executive Group elects an Executive Director. This Director, along with Vice-chairs and the whole Executive group, is answerable to the Steering Board and to the NEM Chairperson at all times. In this term, function of the Executive Director will be performed by NEM Chairmann.

The NEM Initiative Executive Group includes the following members:

Permanent EG members

No. Function Name Company
1 NEM Chairman Morgan Bouchet Orange
2 NEM Vice-chair – Strategy Sergi Fernandez Langa i2cat
2 NEM Vice-chair – Media Industry Engagement Mike Matton VRT
3 NEM Vice-chair – Liaison Simona De Rosa T6 Ecosystems
4 NEM Vice-chair – Relation with Public Authorities Silvia Boi Engineering
5 NEM Secretariat Halid Hrasnica Eurescom

EG members with assigned roles

No. Function Name Company
1 NEM Vision & SRIA Enrico Turrin, Jose Manuel Menéndez Federation of European Publishers, UPM
2 NEM Communication Joséphine Rohner De Smet Cap Digital
3 NEM Investment Forum and finance policy Thierry Baujard Media Deals
4 NEM Summit Programme Thorsten Herfet, Jovanka Adzic Intel, Telecom Italia
5 NEM International Cooperation Hadmut Holken Holken Consult
6 Creative industries contribution Nina Klein, Marta Izquierdo Vaquero Frankfurt Book Fair, Smart Digital Entertainment
7 I2C Frank Boyd KTN
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