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The NEM SRIA 2025 document, containing views of the NEM Initiative community members on research and innovation topics of interests for coming years – towards 2025, have been consolidated during summer 2018 in accordance with the received community inputs. Many thanks to all NEM members for the valuable contributions to the document!

The NEM SRIA 2025 is targeting the next research and innovation program of the European Union “Horizon Europe” (FP9) as well as national and regional research and innovation programs.

Position and White Papers

NEM Vision and SRIA 2016

NEM Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) highlights European industry’s views on the research priorities that are required in the next few years so that Europe can truly become a worldwide champion in all domains related to “New European Media”, representing a basis for the reflections that are being investigated by all NEM European Technology Platform stakeholders.NEM SRIA is created from valuable contributions received from NEM members, which are compiled in a document by an editorial group appointed by the NEM Steering Board. All regular SRIA document versions are approved by NEM General Assembly, where all NEM members are represented.

Download the NEM Vision and SRIA 2016 here.

NEM Research Priorities

This document provides a first draft list of priorities for the research funding programs WP2018 and beyond in Horizon2020.

Download the NEM Research Priorities document here.

Further documents


  • NEM Newsletter, February 2017 – download
  • NEM Newsletter, September 2017 – download
  • NEM Newsletter, March 2018 – download
  • NEM Newsletter, June 2018 – download

Public Project Deliverables

D1.2 – Handbook of Convergence and Media Ecosystems in Europe

D2.1 – VITAL MEDIA online collaboration platform

D2.2 – Intermediate report on community animation and usage of the online collaboration platform

D2.3 – Final Report on Community Animation and Usage of the Platform

D3.1 – Intermediate report on strategy development for Convergence and Social Media

D3.2 – Report on activities Towards Future Social Media

D3.3 – Final report on strategy development for Convergence and Social Media

D4.2 – Interim dissemination report and update of the dissemination and communication

D4.3 – Final report on dissemination activities and exploitation potential

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