One of the main goals of the VITAL MEDIA project is to enlarge community in the broad media area at the European, regional, and national levels through collaboration among the NEM Initiative and the national/regional clusters involving media and creative industries. The enlarged community will be animated through a number of discussions at workshops to be organized at all mentioned levels and through cooperation within an innovative online collaboration tool, aiming to widely discuss and establish research and innovations roadmaps for the area, by strong cooperation with industry as well as research and academic institutions.

Another important goal of the VITAL MEDIA project is to enable and facilitate discussions among large industry players and small organizations (e.g. SMEs) active in the area of Content, Media, and Creative industries, to establish common views on needs and requirements from the entire sector in respect to the future research and innovation activities. As result of these facilitated discussions, we expect to enlarge cooperation among different stakeholders in the sector, particularly aiming at establishment of efficient collaborations among large and small organizations.

1) Community building and enlargement

  • Establishment of collaboration with other related initiatives and organizations in Europe through appointment of NEM ambassadors and organization of dedicated meetings with the new stakeholders
  • Establishment and facilitation of various NEM Working groups, open for involvement of the cluster members
  • Establishment and maintenance of an Online NEM collaboration platform
  • Organization of major NEM events – NEM Summit and General Assembly – as well as focused cluster events

2) Support for development of NEM strategy

  • Facilitation of creating NEM Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and corresponding research and innovation roadmaps
  • Facilitation of creating NEM position and white papers on various subjects
  • Leading discussion on policy requirements from media and content sector

3) Promotion of NEM Initiative and community activities

  • Design and production of leaflets, posters, newsletters, etc.
  • Promotion in social media

VITAL MEDIA is a support action project under the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union – number: 688310 – project duration: June 2016 – May 2018.

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